Leaked pictures from the PS4 mass production


Sony is ready, we are ready and Microsoft is ready too. This November the battle will begin and I want a competition between Sony & Microsoft, a struggle with exclusive games, prices and offers to the clients. Apart of that, PS4 has started to produce in mass. Two pictures have been leaked from that process:

1 Leaked pictures from the PS4 mass production | VGLeaks 2.0

2 Leaked pictures from the PS4 mass production | VGLeaks 2.0

According to the leaker, this facility is going to shipping out over one million consoles from that factory, presumably for launch. There are more factories producing PS4s right now.

Is one of those PS4s for you?

Thanks, Neo-GAF & A9VG.

  • Smith

    Hey VGLeaks, could you guys go back to the X1 specs and put down the insane rumors about dual GPUs and whatnot that are going around? I know it’s extremely silly and may seem like it’s not even worth an article but there are people who are legitimately falling for it and it’s muddying up and reducing the quality of serious conversation about the performance of each console.

  • True Radiant Free

    The Wii U will rule this holiday. Great experiences, backwards compatibility with Wii games/ accessories, Exclusive games: Tropical Freeze, 3D World, Sonic, and Wonderful 101, and lowest price. Also future exclusives like Kart 8, Yarn Yoshi, X, and Smash Bros.

    • Craig

      You’re adorable.

  • Michael

    I wonder which poor bastard will be making up those boxes for £1.50 per hour lol….