Pictures of a new WiiU development equipment: WUT-002

In the past we unveiled some early WiiU development equipment, concretely the CAT-DEV V1, V2 and V3 units. This time, it appears that someone leaked some pictures of a new testing/debugging WiiU model called “WUT-002“.

This model appears to be the equivalent to Wii’s RVH-T models. Watch the following picture to notice  the similarities and differences between them:

Wi RVT-R-Reader Development-Console


As you can see, these new units are green coloured and the only purpose for them is to debug and test games. Retail games cannot be played on these machines and special discs and a special writer unit are required to play them.









Thanks, AllGamesBeta

  • fatdog21

    I hope this one have a ethernet port and a bigger harddrive…

  • Nekrim

    So they have a new dev unit, but what does that imply exactly ?

    • thinkaboutitdummy

      why do they need a new dev unit???

      • Nekrim

        That’s what I was asking, but no answer :/

        • Guest

          A CAT-R is just a reader, you can’t make any games on it.
          Well, you can, but constantly checking if your Character got the right initial position is rather painful.
          We use a CAT-DEV for actual Development.

  • Guest

    No no no!
    You’ve got it wrong!
    it’s not called a “WUT-002”, it’s called a “CAT-R”.

    • lifesavers2

      WUT-002 is the model number. So yes, it actually is a WUT-002.

  • Jonathan Chole

    Does this break the Wii U NDA?

  • Xave

    This is likely the developer version people, you can see this exact same model in the Kosuke Yabuki report. A lot of people are very uninformed, nor do they pay attention to details.