PlayStation 4 Audio Processor (ACP)


Mark Cerny confirmed in an interview that PlayStation 4 uses hardware expressly dedicated to audio tasks. What are the capabilities of this hardware? What is Sony telling to developers about it?

Here we have some material from Sony’s presentations where you can learn more about audio custom hardware in PS4. This dedicated hardware will manage basic tasks, for game or system, relying on the CPU or GPU for advanced tasks.

Another important point is that this audio block is not programmable by developers directly, they could only access it via OS.


audio1 600x360 PlayStation 4 Audio Processor (ACP) | VGLeaks 2.0

  • DoctorFouad

    basic audio processor, hopefully it is sufficient for impressie 7.1 game sound a la ps3 (killzone on ps3 had some very impressive 7.1 sound that makes my expensive 7.1 system really shines).
    But 200 MP3 streams VS SHAPE on xbox one (500 streams ?) is it sufficient ? also I suppose for movies te CPU would do the true hd decoding ? for games LPCM dosent need very much processing, and 5.1 dolby digital decoding very little…

    • Asmodai

      As I understand it the APU is part of the “companion core” processor on the PS4 so is not in the main SoC like the Xbone. The “companion core” does more than just “sound card” functions though so while it does only do encoding/decoding with respect to audio (the rest being done by the CPU/GPU on the main SoC) it also offloads the voice chat encoding/decoding, handles background uploads/downloads, does video encoding/decoding, and does zlib decompression so the primary SoC does not have to. On the Xbone the video encoding/decoding is done by the GPU for example so it may very well be that the extra sound processing the PS4 has to do on the GPU since the APU doesn’t do it is less then what in gains over the Xbone by offloading it’s video encoding/decoding to the “Companion Core”. I’d really like to see a reputable tech site do a direct comparison.

  • watcher278

    Audio chips has been more than sufficient for games for the last generation and this will be sufficient ( for basic stuff ). With GUGPU it makes more sense to move complex audio related features into game code where audio can interact with the game world more realistically ie ray tracing, more realistic doppler effects, etc..

  • narutoooo

    by not programmable I assume they are using proprietary audio codecs.

  • andrew salvat

    SHAPE on xbox one is better