Rumor: Are EA and Microsoft going to be close friends?


Next Xbox/Durango official presentation seems to be close in time. We have talked about it recently and we will talk more and more about this event and companies that may appear on April 26th.

Today is EA’s turn. Anonymous sources are claiming EA has secured a partnership with Microsoft. We don’t know the details, but seems likely. Very likely.

Mass Effect 1 was developed by EA, but Microsoft Games Studios had an important position in the development work. Everybody thought it was unlike (or impossible) to see ME1 on Plasytation 3 but, suddenly, we saw a Mass Effect Trilogy announced for 360 and PS3… including the first game.


Since then many rumors have appeared stating that Microsoft agreed to let EA publish ME1 in PS3 with the condition of having a possible ‘only for’ Mass Effect 4 on Durango (limited in time, we guess).

What do you think, are we going to see a Mass Effect game only for Xbox Next? Are we going to see a new IP attached to Microsoft’s new machine? Are we just seeing a brand-new disappointing DLC?


    It’s coming! Ps4 is the most powerful, then why is he saying in a XBOX partnership
    “It’s a great, as Rajat [Taneja – global chief technology officer] said, the technical power on the platform is going to allow us to do a substantial amount of things that we’ve never done before. I’ve seen the new Battlefield and it is stunning. I mean, it is just amazing what the imagination of the game developers are allowed to do with that much power.”He did not say platforms! 1.8tf sp V.S. 1.2tf dp? Super Dae old dkit V.S. new dkit? MS and AMD secret RND 5year team? WTF!!

  • andrew salvat

    Microsoft smart move is working now sony and all ignorant how thing Microsoft will going out the new console last and will be less powerful yea right.

  • BRNexus6

    EA said both next-gen consoles are roughly 8-10x more powerful than current gen, so I’m betting the Durango is a bit more powerful than the rumored specs.

  • Jeff Pee

    what part exactly does it talk about “power” in the article? did I miss it?

    I’ve read it 5 times and nowhere in there is their even a hint of anything about “power”. If you’re referring to the EA meeting earlier this week you’re just grabbing at anything to play up the NextBox over the PS4. Read it and take it for what it is. haha

    @facebook-699598896:disqus Do you know that the rumors are that the NextBox will be released before the PS4 right? So I don’t know where you’re getting this “Microsoft will going out the new console last” the only thing they’re last at is announcing the Next XBox. Did you also know that rumors/leaks of the NextBox’s specs have been around since early last year? and the PS4 spec rumors leaked much later than that. Go ahead check it, it’s from this very sight you’re posting on.

    Fanboys…. just enjoy your chosen platform. Videogames aren’t that serious, take it easy and enjoy your games.

    • andrew salvat

      Yes am I fan boy all xbox for me but not because one is better then the other is because how you expect me to support a Japanese company wend they don’t support US product at less in video games. bot this is a friendly conversation and rumors are only rumors for example people say the ps4 CPU call jaguar will be 2.0 hrz but base on AMD the CPU was tested in 1.6 and they manage to go 1.87 AMD never say 2.0 and sony ether.

      • Jeff Pee

        Fair enough, you have your reasons. As far as the 2.0 ghz goes, that’s is just a “rumor” and anyone claiming it is just talking out of their asses at the moment.

  • Jacob Jackal

    EA and M$ to become friends? Thats great news cause these are the two companies I detest the most!

  • chuckyj

    Actually Mass Effect 1 was published by Microsoft Game Studios. But, MS did allow Mass Effect trilogy come out for the PS3. Mass Effect 2/3 was developed by EA after they acquired Bioware which was the owner of the IP.

  • Crow

    EA didn’t develop Mass Effect 1. Bioware made Mass Effect 1 and Microsoft published it.
    Bioware was then purchased by EA, which led to a PC port.

    There is no special agreement between EA & Microsoft. Microsoft didn’t retain any publishing rights to ME1.