Rumor: 'Ryse: Knights of England'


First of all, you need to take this rumor with a grain of salt.

According to GamingRumours, ‘Ryse: Knights of England‘ would be the sequel to the upcoming (and still unreleased)  ‘Ryse: Sons of Rome’ for Xbox One. Crytek could be waiting to see if Ryse: Son of Rome sales prove fruitful on the console and, meanwhile, would be already planning a sequel set set in Medieval England that includes dragons.

ryse 600x337 Rumor: 'Ryse: Knights of England' | VGLeaks 2.0

VG247 contacted with Crytek and a rep told them “we don’t comment on these kind of rumors”.

I would just like to note just one fact: Crytek spoke about Crysis 4 before Crysis 3 released.

Stay tuned.

Thanks, VG247

  • smith

    Leave it to Microsoft to milk a game to death before the first title has a chance to even leave the studio.

    • Sporadik Styles

      Too bad everyone has to witch hunt Microsoft and XBO constantly *smh*

      This type of thing is common with new IPs the past 10-15 years in the industry in general. Maybe you should start following the industry and how it works. Uncharted did it, Halo did it, Ass Creed did it, God of War did it, Gears of War did it, Mirrors Edge did it, Killzone did it, Batman did it. Bioshock did it. List goes on…..

      Although the first game isn’t out yet this looks like a great series of games. I have no doubt this rumour will become true. It seems totally likely and makes sense for a new Xbox IP next generation. I can only imagine what an Egypt or Japan Ryse game would look like a couple years from now

      • True Radiant Free

        Mirror’s Edge what?!

        • Sporadik Styles

          Before the game launched how many years ago, the devs said in a video interview they’re creating a new IP and already have a sequel planned, but no idea when it will launch. Recently they explained why they waited so long

  • Andre james

    Can’t wait, best looking game so far of the new gen (next is FMS4) and from a so called 50% weaker GPU, so where is all that power PS4?

    • Dark Jak

      But have you seen Killzone: Shadow Fall? Seriously, watch the trailers for Infamous: Second Son if you want to see great graphics. BTW, did you know Ryse features pay-to-win microtransactions?

      • Andre james

        Yes i have seen KZSF and ISS. That’s just it “Ryse features pay-to-win microtransactions” It’s hard to find a bad looking point when using this as why Ryse is a bad game. The list is two long as to why Ryse has better graphics. Just start with the faces and work your way out from there from a 50% weaker GPU.

        • Jeff Pee

          Fanboys… gotta love’em. This article makes not mention of PS4 or graphics, or Power advantages, or anything about graphics. Graphics this, Graphic that. But you just had to drag it to that subject. Just let it go man, just let the anger go, be happy with your XBox One.

          BTW Do you know what Ryse runs on? Crytek 3… That’s a multiplatform engine. Do you know what that means? That means this game would look exactly the same if it were to be ported over to the PS4.

          • Andre james

            Then show me a game that looks as good as this on PS4 on any engine. So you are saying that Sony’s first party engines
            are not as good as Crytek? Show me a PS4 game that is running at 30FPS with the top LOD is 140.000K not 40K of KZSF or ISS ply count?
            A cell phone can run it too but it will not look like this. It’s the hardware.

          • Jeff Pee

            I really don’t know why I’m trying to have a conversation with a fanboy. There is nothing that I can show you that would change your mind, you’ve obviously made up your mind. From your first post, it was obvious. It doesn’t matter if real life Dev’s come out and say it, you’ll just put your thumbs in your ears and keep spitting the same thing.

            Aren’t Crytek engines considered the best for graphics? have you seen Crysis 3? The point is it’s the same engine that will be on PS4. LOL you’re really not getting that point. Ryse isn’t built on a custom 1st party engine, it’s a 3rd party engine that will be used on PS4.

            You’re referring to 140k vs 40k… LOL This is very important do you want to compare technical specs or how “good” something looks? because when it comes to technical talk you’re gonna need to take into consideration a lot more than “triangles.” Good example. Forza vs DriveClub: Forza look good, DriveClub looks good… some say Forza looks better, “good” is a matter of opinion, but it does look good. Do you know what Forza used pre-baked lighting? DriveClub has Realtime lighting, global illumination. Do you know how GPU taxing that is? What the HELL does poly/triangle count matter if it looks great. That is SUCH a FanBoy thing to bring up. “Well… RYSE characters have 140K triangles… Yeah!” Get a LIFE!

      • True Radiant Free

        Personal I think Knack looks the best, as Killzone is just another similar looking albeit “better” graphics FPS and Infamous Second Son’s storyline sounds foolish.

    • Jameson_Bond

      math tip: if the ps4 gpu is 50% more powerful, then the xbox one gpu would be 33% weaker. no one said 50% weaker.

      • Andre james

        Let me help you with that math. You are now saying that the PS4 GPU is not faster than the GPU in XB1? If by your math the cpu is the same then what part is 33% weaker? I know that most don’t know how
        XB1 works but did you know that the SOC of 5 billion + has 50 MCUs on it’s die each with it’s own ALU. I will keep saying this PS4 is not more powerful and the games and hardware tell you that.

        • Minecraft Greek

          He is just correcting you, if something is 50% more powerful, than the other thing is 33% weaker. It’s the math he was correcting not whether or not the console is weaker.

          Alleged Math:
          PS4 / X1 = 1.5 = 50% more power
          X1 / PS4 = .66 = 33% less power

          You see?

      • Soheil

        1.8 = 1.5 * 1.2 TFLOPS