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Grand Theft Auto V draws near; This Tuesday GTA V will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360, although some shops have already started to sell the game before the official date. Indeed, if you have got a modified Xbox 360 you can already play the game, because GTA V was leaked on that platform (I don’t know about the PS3 version).

Jsticks11 is a grit folk, he had shared his earlier copy of GTA V with the masses. Needless to say he was banned for that, but he is relentless. Jsticks11 has uploaded a lot of videos in his Vinebox (off-screen videos) account and his Instagram, even he has acquired a video capture card to record videos with a high quality.

Take a look and be careful with the spoilers:


***Update: Jsticks11 videos have been deleted, here you have more from another users***

Thanks, DualShockers & Jsticks11.