Rumor: Sony is ready to present a Virtual Reality Gaming Headset for PS4


According to CVG and Eurogamer, Sony will enter into the Virtual Reality gaming world, and it will be a strong entry.

CVG states that Sony originally intended to present a PlayStation-branded virtual reality head-mounted display at GamesCom 2013, but finally they decided to postpone the public presentation. Some sources are telling us, though, that this device perhaps was presented at a closed door event that Sony held in order to present some kind of new hardware.

Eurogamer goes beyond and states that the hardware will be finally presented at Tokyo Game Show 2013.

Sony HMZ Rumor: Sony is ready to present a Virtual Reality Gaming Headset for PS4 | VGLeaks 2.0

This VR device would be intimately linked with PlayStation 4, in fact the device has been demonstrated with Evolution Studios’ Playstation 4 racer DriveClub, with players able to look around the cockpit of a car. This VR headset would work very similar to Oculus Rift.

Stay Tuned.

  • Jux

    This, to me, is genuinely next-gen, not talking to a plastic box, or waving my arms around like a fool. Immersion is the next logical step in gaming, not fucking exercise!

    I’m looking at you, M$.

    • Le Poee

      Or waving a piece of plastic with a blue light on the end…..

    • Kreten

      Really that’s next gen to you? If I remember correctly they had games like that in 1980’s -90’s

      It’s soo great that you can’t even see what’s around you, whats even greater is that another thing sony is copying

  • Charlie

    this looks like complete and utter BS

    • Laro

      you look like complete and utter BS

  • Surging

    This is the future folks, a immersive undisturbed world no distractions, I am pretty sure this would improve anyones FPS skills by atleast 20%.