Rumor: Sony planning a second PS4 event (April/May)


Sony unveiled PS4 five weeks ago (If I not mistake). Some points remain as a mystery yet: Price and release date are unknown. According to, Sony could be preparing a new PS4 event in the next weeks. This second PS4 presentation would be the final act before the E3.

We will look forward for an official confirmation by Sony, until then, we have to treat this like a rumor. I would like to see more games or more footage from games already presented. Second Son or Drive Club were nice.

Thanks, Gematsu.

  • Pretty sure it will be later this month when Microsoft announces their new Xbox, that way they can kill a bit of its momentum.

    • T.E Starkey

      I heard Microsoft won’t make an announcement until May now. Depending on what Sony does it could be the best thing. But they have a very large hill to climb, especially with all the DRM rumors.

      • Lezlow

        I actually think what they are doing is a bit smart in a twisted way. There is no way that all of these rumors are true. So let everyone keep knocking it and bashing it and talking about it getting all the hype up then release the specs and information that negates the ‘rumors’ and bam you have millions of instantly satisfied people. I don’t want Microsoft to fail this big by putting the DRM in. It will kill them which will kill competition which will kill the console gaming market. Who would Sony battle? Nintendo…. Pfffft Plus I dont think they are that stupid. But I guess time will tell

  • Durangoland

    Mr X, do you think that the durango specs published here are still valid? Do you have any information about new devkits?