Rumor: Possible new Ubisoft title 'Hero' leaked

31 May, 2014 0

Two possible storyboard (concept) trailers for an unannounced Ubisoft game, titled Hero, appeared yesterday on the Internet. Apparently, these videos are three months old, and we don’t know if they are connected to an old project of the company, a game [Read More]

Leaked PS4 exclusive 'Project Beast' gameplay footage

30 May, 2014 0

Apparently, the first Project Beast gameplay video has been leaked. Project Beast is a collaboration between From Software (Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls) and Sony Japan Studio exclusively for PlayStation 4, which is expected to be unveiled at E3 2014. The video shows the same footage that we could see in [Read More]

Mortal Kombat X is drawing near

28 May, 2014 1

We cannot ignore the evidence any longer: Mortal Kombat X is almost here. Last week, Ed Boon -creator of the Mortal Kombat series along with John Tobias- teased the return of the fighting series: Later, Boon also hinted on some [Read More]

Leak: Battlefield Hardline gameplay trailer

28 May, 2014 0

It seems that the first Battlefield Hard (codename Omaha) gameplay trailer has appeared on the internet. The trailer follows the numerous leaks that appeared yesterday showing the first material of Battlefield: Hard, a new game developed by Visceral Games and based on SWAT or a special police team instead [Read More]

Rockstar renews Agent trademark

25 May, 2014 0

Agent was unveiled as a PS3 exclusive some years ago. Apparently, Agent proposed to enjoy a spy adventure during the seventies decade. The cold war would be one the main characters in this Rockstar production, an era of politics conspiracies [Read More]

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