(Rumor) Crytek and the harsh times

22 June, 2014 4

Crytek has produced top budget products, but not a single one has been a super seller, but even considering that situation it seemed that Crytek was well established in the industry. According Gamestar.de, Crytek could be feeling the pinch, in [Read More]

Games of chance inside other games

20 June, 2014 0

The videogames industry has grown a lot in the last 15 years. The society has integrated the game between the rests of arts, it has been a long path, but nowadays games are considered part of the modern status quo. [Read More]

Blizzard Entertainment acquires Metal Arms trademark

18 June, 2014 0

Back  in the 2006, Blizzard Entertainment acquired Swingin’ Ape Studios, the studio that developed Metal Arms: Glitch in the System in 2003. At that time, Sierra Entertainment owned the IP, but last month, according to the information published in the United States [Read More]

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