Once again, Amazon France has listed an unannounced product.

Earlier this month, the retailer leaked the PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita “Ultimate Player Edition” bundle (later confirmed by Sony), and now Amazon has posted a product page for a PlayStation 4 500 GB + The Last of Us Remastered bundle. According to the info on the product page, the bundle will be available on July 30, and it will cost €429. Info about a US version of this bundle has not appeared yet.

ps4 the last of us bundle Amazon lists 'PlayStation 4 500 GB + The Last of Us Remastered' bundle | VGLeaks 2.0

If you don’t know, a few days ago Sony lowered The Last of Us Remastered price from €/$59 to €/$49, but several retailers are offering pre-orders of the game for even lower prices. Could this bundle be pointing to another The Last of Us Remastered price drop?

Stay tuned.

Via | NeoGaf