Yesterday Namco Bandai  filed a trademark for something called “Lost Swords” and, here is the important thing, also filed a trademark for “Ace Combat Infinity” late at night.

Almost at the same time, the company opened a teaser site where we were able to read this message “that day our sky fell, the heavens split to create new skies“.

Today, and following Project Ace’s teases from yesterday, Namco Bandai has launched another teaser site, although it’s unclear if the new teaser site is related with Ace Combat.

This site reads ‘new title’ along with a cluster of black cubes and a countdown.

acecombatteaser2 600x235 Namco Bandai registers 'Ace Combat Infinity' and launches a 'mysterious' teaser site. | VGLeaks 2.0

Stay tuned.

Thanks VG247.