Android and iOS are the two largest mobile platforms in the world. The battle rages on, and each has something to offer at every update or new release. Since smartphones and tablets are now first used instead of computers, but as a telecommunications device – second, players face a dilemma as far as gaming activities are concerned.

What is the better platform between the two? Is it iOS or Android? Whether you are playing at the top casino online, or you are just a casual gamer, choosing the right platform has an impact on your gaming experience.

Together, let us find out and pit each other side by side. We will explore their capabilities, and also try to see what is in store for their future.

iOS First before Android

It is not an uncommon practice for game developers to produce a game that works on iOS before they do on Android. After releasing the new game on the iOS platform for weeks or even months, then that is the only time they would release it on Android. 

This happens because from a technical standpoint, it is easier to develop games on iOS than Android. There are only two devices on the iOS platform, which are the iPhone and the iPad, and there are also lesser versions of the iOS. With Android, a game developer has to worry about all the versions and ensure that the game will work on all of them. 

Quality of Games

Years ago, Apple decided to remove a lot of apps that do not meet certain standards. What this means is that the products of amateur game developers were taken off, and users were treated to only high-quality apps in iTunes. This made it possible for iOS users to experience quality over quantity. 

Android does not do this. In fact, statistics show that the games and apps on the Android platform are growing about 30% per year. It means that it is becoming chockful of useless apps and games that are full of problems. 

By number, there are more games to choose from on the Android platform. By quality, there are fewer games on iOS, but all of them went through rigid testing and inspection before they were released. 

User Experience

Because there are so many versions on the Android platform, you should not be surprised that many games will not work on your old device, even if you upgrade your operating software. For example, you cannot play Fortnite on an old Android device.

This is inconveniencing. On iOS, you can play with little to no problem at all. Games from small developers function with no errors on the iOS platform, but they usually have several types of glitches on Android. Small groups have less budget than big-time game developers to make their software work on all the Android versions, and this is the reason for the low-quality Android games.  

Restrictions on Games

It is not unusual for Apple to release new laws and policies that wipes out a lot of apps from the store. These policies are in place to stay within the boundaries of law, and to protect their consumers. 

One notable update from Apple was that it banned a lot of gambling apps. If you love playing slot machines, then iOS platform may not be the best option for you. 

Google rarely does this. It will only ban an app or create new policies if the world has a demand for that policy. Most of the time, Google bans apps that are violating laws, not games.

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Game Prices

Games on the iOS platform are mostly paid. Games on Android are mostly free. But as the saying goes, you only get what you pay for. While you have to fork out money on the iOS platform, you are paying for a great user experience and a great product. 

If you are the type that likes free games, then Android is the platform of choice. The thing is, free games are usually badly developed, as only small companies with a small budget can produce free games. 

If quality is what you want, then the iOS is the better platform for you. 


The iOS operates in its own universe, and all hardware developed supported by the iOS are made and designed by Apple itself. Android, on the other hand, is subject to a lot of glitches and failures because it is like an open-source software that can be used on many hardware devices.

If you want quality, the iOS is the premiere choice. If you want something free, and you can stand lags and glitches, then Android will do just fine. 

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