World Exclusive: Xbox One (Durango) Move Engines

6 February, 2013 9

Moore’s Law imposes a design challenge: How to make effective use of ever-increasing numbers of transistors without breaking the bank on power consumption? Simply packing in instances of the same components is not always the answer. Often, a [Read More]

World Exclusive: XBox One (Durango) GPU detailed

4 February, 2013 16

Last week we published a poll where you chose to know about the Xbox One (Durango) GPU. Wishes come true. We have splitted the article in three pages, so don’t forget to read the whole work. [divider scroll_text=””] A better view [Read More]

Rumor: Durango being unveiled in Spring

3 February, 2013 0

  It seems Sony is planning to unveil its new machine, Orbis, late this month but, what’s up with Microsoft and its new system, Durango? We’ll have to wait a little to see it, according to Polygon. “Sources familiar with [Read More]

What's inside Durango's Alpha kit?

28 September, 2012 0

We have some details about Durango’s Alpha kit and its components. Bear in mind that these “specs” aren’t final, the ones that Xbox 3/720/Next will have in its final design are bound to vary. – 8 cores (x64 CPU) – [Read More]

Rear Durango, a new view for the Alpha Kit

19 September, 2012 0

We have already seen Durango’spictures before, the codename for the next-gen Microsoft system. The Alpha Kit is like a computer box. Easy to clone, hard to get one. The following pic is different than the previous ones: I’m so sorry, [Read More]

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