Far Cry 3 was a surprise for me, Ubisoft made a game better than the second part (at least in my opinion). It was a game plenty of possibilities with a nice gameplay, although some parts were pretty unbalanced. Altogether was a good game, not a GOTY, but enjoyable.

Ubisoft is going to enlarge the original game with a DLC called Blood Dragon (or an Arcade game). The Box Art has been leaked today, it shows an insane portrait with a bizarre main character. Clearly influenced by the eighties culture. Kitschy and cool. Some time ago we have already spoken about Blood Dragon, now it’s more than a rumor.

blood dragon 600x277 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Box Art leaked | VGLeaks 2.0

Blood Dragon will be crazy, a fucking madness.

If you like this kind of arts, I would like to recommend you Hotline Miami. Dementia made game.

Thanks, Gameinformer.