eSports betting is one of the hottest things in the industry of gambling, with a trade of billions of dollars. This beckons with considerable growth in both markets and games over the years, which has widely opened up eSports. With players having an option to bet over regular sporting events, eSports deals in betting in the popular multiplayer games with interesting markets.

Games Covered

eSports lists multiplayer games that are once looked as a means for casual gamers to enjoy. With the progress upwards, it has turned into a gambling hotbed with over 100’s of markets opening up for good.

  • DOTA 2 

It is a 2013 released game known for having a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. There is a specific tournament, hosted by the publishing company Valve, who sort a global prize of over 1.6 million USD for the winners. This is where over 32 million fans watch live streaming and bet over the outcomes. One of the best bookmakers to use for esports betting includes Betway that offers markets for special types and favorite standard bets.

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  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) 

It is one of the most successful games from Valve to glue-in multiplayer gamers globally. It holds the numero uno status in and around the world. With major tournaments like ESL Pro League and ESL One New York, eSports gamblers can focus straight over live streams and bet. CS: GO offers tournaments where the players can focus on trading innovative bets with frequent odds boosting up.

  • League of Legends 

League of Legends has a mass list of over 8 million USD prize money across different leagues set up around the world. This action-packed game allows players to choose between RPG and FPS mode. Several high-profile leagues across the world include League of Legends World Championship and the famous North America League of Legends Championship Series. The game for its credit holds up an impressive array of special markets, dealing with frequent boosts and wagering.

  • Overwatch 

Released in 2016, Overwatch offers a competitive multiplayer FPS setup. The game has amassed over 14 million monthly users after its launch. Developed by Activision, the game has its share of eSport league with big shots around the globe, investing more often. With innovative markets and betting scopes, the game is growing from time.

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Major e-Sporting Events

eSporting events run daily for all through the year for different games. Most of these games are available for live streaming and with extensive markets. This brings in audiences, who can get themselves in the league of the popular games.

  1. League of Legends World Championship 

Riot Games is set to host the annual 2020 League of Legends event, which is one of the most-watched games in the world. With prize money of a whopping 2 million USD, the online live streaming is available on YouTube, Twitch, and Smashcast. The event started from January 13 at 9 am GMT and will continue until May and the second phase from June to September. 


CS: GO fans can glue into the famous 24-team league, which runs for over 2 and a half weeks. It starts from 11th to 24th May and 2nd to 15th November. With a massive prize pool of 1 million USD, the gamblers have all the reasons staying plugged with the league. CS: GO betting markets include individual map winners as well as tournament winner predictions to make things exciting.

3. The Overwatch League 

Ever since 2018, The Overwatch League is more than a regular global eSports league. With 12 teams locking horns and 250 matches, the gamblers have all the reasons to play with the winner taking away 1 million USD. The league opens up in giving insights and stats on how a team has performed and allows waging on educated bets. The season in 2020 has kicked off from Feb 8 until Aug 9 and the matches starting from 6 pm GMT.

Watch Live Streaming

For Live streaming and betting, the punters can use different online gambling sites that offer top eSports games and markets. Reputed gambling sites such as Betway Sports and Spin Sports offers live streaming along with YouTube and Twitch among the other popular ones. The gamblers can try all these games and even tournaments with better insights.

Final Thoughts

eSports games are taking the industry by storm, and with live betting markets and frequent tournaments galore, the gamblers can make the most of the rounds and events. With leagues offering an insane amount of rewards on the popular multiplayer games, the stakes are as good as high to that of a regular sporting event.