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Everyone makes a blunder, but speaking about videogames we have to take advantage of that. Nate Fox, from Sucker Punch, could have revealed an inFamous game in works for PS Vita during an interview. This was his statement:

”Right now we’re only talking about the PS4 game… I’d love to tell you about any Vita related titles when… or if the time comes.”

Check this video out, minute 5:45 to hear this revelation to the world:

The man who said too much didn’t confirm any title, but he hinted something. This statement sounds like Sucker Punch has been working on infamous for PS Vita, however it could be just a project in an early stage, a test for that hardware. A game from those proofs would not necessarily have to be made. Of course, there is something, but we don’t know what. I would prefer to be cautious until an official confirmation.

inFamous license could fit in a portable game with short missions and a frenzy gameplay, but first and foremost, Sucker Punch would have to finish Second Son first.

Thanks, Gamesreviews.