Humans are attracted by the idea of control the relationships, the activities and even the decisions of characters in video games. The concept was initiated in 1970 with Conway’s Game of Life. A proof of concept of different ideas that needed a better technology to be developed. SEGA released in 1984, Girl’s Garden, was focused in a very narrow space of possibilities, but the game included dating sim elements in its proposal. Those developments helped to strength the core of the modern life simulation games that will arrive some years later.

A genre that evolve, change, but is always on the forefront speaking about influence and market performance.

The Sims

Everything changes when Will Wright releases SimCity in 1991, but the megaton came in 2000. The team behind The Sims applied scientific theories to create the expansive world of The Sims. Each individual had his/her identity, habits and way of live. The supreme entity, us, had to build a life for them, a life drive by an ample variety of necessities; a concept that even today works in the very basics. New generations are still in love with The Sims, that is the proof that the concept is revolutionary, even today.

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Second Life

The seed of Ready Player One can be found in Second Life. The first years in the 00’s numerous products advanced the future as a view of the things that humanity will do in future decades, one of these products were Second Life. Linde Lab, the developers, define Second Life as something different, not just a game: “There is no manufactured conflict, no set objective”.

They are right; Second Life is a virtual world inhabitant with virtual representations of people. You can explore, you can interact with other residents, sell properties or buy services. Real life in a virtual environment. During the 00’ real meetings were organized in Second Life, U2 celebrated a concert in this virtual world and different activities took place in this app, exclusively in this world. Second Life opened a new horizon, did you want to play some video games? Do it in Second Life. Did you want to try your luck? Play slots with most free spins in this ecosystem. No barriers.

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Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Patrice Desilets has been ahead of his time, a real visionary. He was responsible of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, he is the person behind Assassin’s Creed and now, he created something different, a video game that requires patience and a constant process of learning. In Humankind, the author explores the concept of evolution, of change through times. The character evolves and the player has to evolve with him/her. That process of change implies that the control layout grow so the environment.

Life Simulation games are still revolving around the idea initiated in 1970 Conway’s Game of Life, the way to manage the fate of others.