Microsoft has ratified his policy with Xbox One since the presentation of that system (speaking about Kinect and Xbox One as a bundle). Xbox One is an inseparable pack between a console and a peripheral, Kinect. That’s the meaning of Xbox One for Microsoft, but not for Major Nelson.

Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, had used Twitter to share with his followers a new feature for Xbox One. A button included in the interface that allows players to check if there is a new system update.

BkqvWwhCcAAe3yT 600x337 Major Nelson does not use Kinect with Xbox One | VGLeaks 2.0

The funny thing is: Major Nelson does not use Kinect in his Xbox One. Upper right in the picture there is a symbol that symbolizes that Kinect is not connected. Life is irony.

Microsoft should consider selling Xbox One without Kinect, Major Nelson illustrates that Kinect is just and extra, a gimmick.

Thanks, Major Nelson Twitter.

PS: The key of the message is: don’t impose things that your own employees don’t use.