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Nintendo is not going to unveil its new console at E3 2016. Instead of that, the big N will dedicate its efforts to promote the new Legend of Zelda. This new entry in the saga promises new gameplay mechanics to introduce new ways of play in the license.

Aside from that, we have new rumors about NX.

NX rumors by Emily Rogers

NX would not be based on x86 architecture. The system would have special custom-made chips. Overall hardware design would be very modern.

– Raw power: more closer to Xbox One than PS4. NX would not compete with PS4/PS4 Neo in terms of raw power.

– NX would not blow away any system available in the market today (current gen). Aside from Wii U, of course.

Nvidia could be part of this project.

Thanks, NeoGAF 1 & 2.