The comeback of Nemesis is around the corner, but we have been able to taste the endless kindness of Nemesis in the demo released one week ago. That demo included info that have been datamined. If you do not want to know more than you already know, please, do not advance.

Resetera has published a lot new info for Resident Evil 3. In bullet points:

New Game + mode: In this second round, many parts of the game will be different and expect a new ending. New lockable content will be available as well (costumes, concept art and character modelling).

Costumes: Jill will have four costumes and Carlos two.

Game modes: Assist (with automatic regeneration), Normal, Hard and Super Hard (powerful enemies, less resources and different location of enemies and objects).

Locations: five big locations. Downtown, Subway, Clock Tower and the Park, Hospital and Laboratory (Dead Factory?).

Thanks, Resetera.