Agent is a Rockstar game that was announced ‘only for Playstation 3’ at E3 2009. During this 4 years, all the info related to this game has been quite ‘confusing‘. In fact, back in 2011, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton said that he was unsure over Agent’s PS3 exclusivity and that it was a decision for Rockstar Games to make.

The game has shown almost no signs of progress during these years, and many people though that the ‘Agent‘ project was canned or indefinitely delayed… until now.

agent screenshot 600x337 Rumor: 'Agent' still in development | VGLeaks 2.0

Jon Young is a Research Video Editor at Rockstar Games. At Young’s Linkedin profile we can read this text:

Create and deliver video assets mainly to the creative departments to inform and inspire their character, location and activity development at all stages of video game production

Cull the history of film, TV, web television and documentaries editing and submitting video shorts and feature length DVDs to department VPs contributing largely to the production of Rockstar Games’ highest profile releases: GTA IV, Midnight Club Los Angeles, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 and many in development e.g., GTA V, AGENT 

There it is. ‘Agent‘ showing next to ‘GTA V’ suggests that this is an updated profile.

Could Agent be re-confirmed for Playstation 4, Durango/Next Xbox or, perhaps, the game is, nowadays, a multi platform project for the current generation?

Thanks, Kotaku.