Microsoft could unveil Durango/Xbox 720 in the last days of May. 21 could be the turn for Microsoft and its next-gen vision. MS should confirm or refuse the latest rumors with an official press release. If not, PS4 will continue growing up its reserves along the globe.

Paul Thurrot, a veteran analyst, confirms the always on feature for Durango. Moreover he has added more information about the console:

Microsoft would offer two modality for the Xbox 720 purchase. First, 500$. Second, 300$ + mandatory subscription. Therefore, same machine, different ways to acquire it.

Also, Microsoft could sell a basic Xbox 360 called Stingray, it would be an affordable model with a cost of 99$.

With respect to the Adam Orth topic, one source reported us his layoff. He is no longer working at MS.

Thanks, Eurogamer.