Time for revolution at EA. EA Partners could be close to disappear. This service provided deals with independent studios to publish and distribute their games. It was a profitable strategy to reach the market with different games, a manner to get more clients with the EA label.

EA Partners was founded in 1997, Tom Frisina, co-founder of Accolade and Three-Sixty was the person in charge in those years. Along the time, EA has kept contacts with multiple companies to publish their games, DICE started Battlefield with this method (EA bought the study years ago), Crytek brought to the market Crysis 1, 2 and 3 under the EA Partners label, among others like Valve (Orange Box), Epic Games (Bullerstorm), Double Fine (Brütal Legend) or 38 Studios (Kingdoms of Amalur).

Consequently, we could expect a deep change in the EA partnership with other studies in the next years. Respawn’s first game and Fuse from Insomniac wouldn’t be affected. EA must to redraw its business: Riccitiello left the company, Medal of Honor and Army of Two franchise are frozen, layoffs around the world and EA has been appointed the worst enterprise in the States for the second consecutive year.

Thanks, Gameinformer.