As you already know, today a long-awaited megaton has happened: GTA VI will show its first trailer on December 5th. Rockstar announced it just a few minutes ago (although they didn’t explicitly say GTA VI, to be honest).

But here we are, with the game of the decade about to show its first footage, and the rumors about it starting to appear.

According to Alex Smith, and as The Snitch has also (re)shared, Grand Theft Auto VI will be released first on PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S, and then a year later on PC.

In addition, Sony/Playstation would have the marketing rights for GTA VI.

Last but not least, he also says that Sony is considering a PS5 Pro and GTA VI bundle. As you know, Tom Henderson (after his success with PS Portal and PS5 Slim leaks) also said that PS5 Pro could be ready by late 2024/early 2025.

So many rumors and information in a moment!

Stay tuned!