Pikmin 3 has been forgotten by Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but it’s a highly dynamic product thanks to the new gameplay features added through the Wii U’s screen controller. It’s a bold evaluation, but Pikmin 3 could be the best Pikmin.

If you want to buy Pikmin 3 in the States or UK, maybe you are going to fight for a copy with a good price. The game could have been discontinued.

There is a low availability of this title and prices are commonly high. In UK, there are two sellers selling Pikmin 3 at ordinary price, the other offers are a little bit expensive: around 70 pounds. In the States, there are not new copies of Pikmin 3 in a logical price. The cheapest Pikmin 3 there is tagged by almost $90.

Nintendo use to commercialize enough copies of their games usually, but sometimes the Big N deliver a few amount of copies. If they don’t print and commercialize more copies, Pikmin 3 could become a rarity, a valuable game in the future.

Thanks, GR.