o’dium, a NeoGAF user who also is a verified developer, shared a few days ago a riddle involving PlayStation 5 GPU specifications. The riddle shows an image with a bird that is communicating with Mark Cerny in “bird tongue.”

Here comes the riddle: some users at ResetEra and NeoGAF have been trying to decode the message. First of all, there are 52 “coos” (CUs). Furthermore, we can see a rhyme scheme that matches the MHz, and it’s being suggested that this “unencrypted info” could mean that PlayStation 5 GPU will feature an 11.06 TF GPU with 52 compute units (coos) clocked at 1743 MHz.

ps5  gpu riddle [Rumor] PS5 GPU to feature 11 Teraflops and 52 CUs clocked at 1743MHz | VGLeaks 2.0

Remember that a rumor back in January stated that the 9.2 TF figure for PS5 could not be accurate, so this power increase could be , in fact, a reality.

However, and as always, we must warn you: take this info with tons of salt, but even more so this time for being in front of a riddle with information that can be interpreted in different ways.

Via | wccftech.com