Resident Evil 7 performed one rumor some weeks ago, the seventh chapter in the Capcom license could be unveiled at E3 2014. This movement would indicate that Capcom would prefer to advance into the series instead of to reboot the franchise.

I would like to warn you, if you haven’t finished RE 5 or RE6 yet, please don’t read the following paragraph:

According the latest published rumor, Wesker could come back in this new iteration. A Capcom employee twetted that the actor in charge for Wesker’s voice was recording some lines in the studio. Moreover, Alice, main character in Resident Evil movies and expressly created for that media, could debut in Resident Evil 7 as a playable character in Mercenaries mode.

One way or another it seems that Capcom could unveil a new RE soon.

Thanks, KDrama Stars.