Horror games glinted in the PSX era. Those years were a period of experimentation that allowed developers to create new experiences materialized in new IPs. Like other trends, the horror titles vanished during the last gen, not totally, but publishers gave preference to produce other genres above the horror titles.

All the markets suffer a phenomenon known as the vicious circle. Tendencies use to come back over and over after an unspecific time span. Probably, this practice is interwoven in some way with the lack on new ideas. Speaking about the videogames industry, horror games could be back. There are a lot of horror games in development, some of them are close to reach the shelves (Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within), others could be unannounced as the new Sony Bend’s game.

According Shinobi602, a well-known whistleblower, Bend Studio could be working in horror game set in an open world. He states the following about this subject:

“Open world horror. That’s it for now. Last thing I need on my doorstep are Sony assassins.”

It sounds nice, but that concept is not going to be easy to implement, because of horror games need a specific scenario to spawn the fear. An open world game it’s not the best option to create that strain. One way or another, it’s a great premise.

Thanks, GamingBolt.