The Last of Us has been an IP on everyone’s lips for some time now. Whether it’s the remasters, potential third parts, or the success of the series on HBO, the universe and characters created by Naughty Dog are always of interest.

And on this occasion, it might be of interest to PC gamers.

According to billbil-kun (we’re not going to reintroduce him because his track record in rumors and leaks is widely recognized), TLOU Part 2 Remastered for PC has been ready for about 7 months. Since November 2023 at the earliest.

Literally, he says ‘game’s development is well and truly complete’.

As to why it wasn’t released alongside the PS5 version of The Last of Us Part 2 Remaster, billbil-kun speculates something quite logical, which is that Sony would be waiting to release the PC port alongside the second season of the HBO Max series, which is scheduled for 2025.

Stay tuned.