For some time now, rumors have been hovering about the possible existence of an Xbox handheld that Microsoft may be seriously considering.

Windows Central’s Jez Corden shared on the latest episode of Xbox Two podcast, that multiple Xbox handheld prototypes are currently being developed and considered at Microsoft.

Corden states that, while these prototypes are normal for companies, this does not imply that the product will eventually be released.

However, on this occasion, he comments that it seems feasible that this Xbox handheld will have a run and finally be launched, as Microsoft sees a good market in the sector. Especially seeing how highly valued products such as Valve’s Steam Deck are.

Game Pass would be a very important feature for this handheld, but that wouldn’t mean that the machine would have streaming as its only option: Xbox handheld would run games natively.

On the other hand, Corden says that this new Xbox (Series?) family hardware would not see the light of day in 2024. Or possibly even 2025.

That being the case, we still have plenty of time to talk about it.

Stay tuned.