Players haven’t been treated to a Deus Ex game since Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in 2016. Despite the series selling over 14 million copies and receiving positive reviews, Eidos Montreal never followed up on the thrilling latest instalment.
Embracer Group recently acquired three developers from Square Enix, including Eidos Montreal, with Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montreal the others. It now has the rights to its flagship franchises and has promised to continue the Deus Ex series.

Deus Ex Resembles Real Life with Hacking Features

The Deus Ex series takes place in a futuristic dystopian world with a heavy focus on advanced technology. Players have to infiltrate different factions in various ways, and there is a strong focus on hacking. Indeed, the cybercrime elements of Mankind Divided were lauded for their accuracy to real life scenarios.

The 2016 game offered players a realistic experience of what it would be like to hack passwords in the real world. Password cracking is high on the agenda of cybercriminals, and ExpressVPN explains why it’s crucial for internet users to have a complex password to keep them out. Many people opt for simple passwords like “123456”, which is proven to be unwise. Relying on middle names or your favourite pet’s name isn’t a viable security strategy in 2022.

In Mankind Divided, hacking computers was an aspect of the gameplay that opened up new opportunities for players. There were different levels as well, with code-breaking starting off easy and getting progressively harder throughout the adventure.

Six Games Met with Strong Critical Acclaim

The Deus Ex series began in 2000 and was originally developed by Ion Storm. The game introduced the character of JC Denton, along with several themes that have continued throughout the series’ history. These include the dystopian futuristic setting of the year 2052, along with the opposing faction of the Triads, Majestic 12, and the Illuminati.

The debut offering was so well-received that PC Gamer named it the Best PC Game of All Time in 2011. It was an early pioneer of the now common roleplaying trope of allowing players to choose diverse pathways in the adventure with a variety of outcomes.
Because of its critical and commercial success, Deus Ex led to five sequels. These were Deus Ex: Invisible War in 2003, Deus Ex: Human Revolution in 2011, Deus Ex: The Fall in 2013, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in 2016. There have also been spinoffs, such as Deus Ex: Go for mobile.

Reports Suggest Embracer Group Will Continue Series

According to a report in GameRevolution, Embracer Group has grand plans for Deus Ex and the other franchises it has taken over. It appears that the publisher will task Eidos Montreal with reviving the Deus Ex franchise with a brand-new offering. It was also reported that the title could make use of the incredible Unreal Engine 5 and the highly advanced graphics it delivers.

Players have had to wait awhile for another Deus Ex game, but it’s unlikely that they will have to be patient for too much longer. Because of the franchise’s popularity and profit-making potential, Embracer Group will want to take advantage of it.