Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) filed in the US two new trademarks: “Entwined” and “Kill Strain”. The company entered the Trademark Reporting and Monitoring System (TRAM) on April 17/18.

You can check both trademarks in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) website.


entwinedtrademark Sony tradermarks "Entwined" and "Kill Strain" | VGLeaks 2.0


Kill Strain:

killstriantrademark Sony tradermarks "Entwined" and "Kill Strain" | VGLeaks 2.0


All Sony first party studios are working on new games for PlayStation 4, but currently we only know three of them: The Order 1886, DriveClub and Uncharted 4. Maybe these trademarks are related with new games for PS4 that could be unveiled in the next E3.

Stay Tuned.

Thanks, Neogaf