Cross-platform play, or cross-play, has become the norm in online video gaming. The major console brands integrate it into their systems, and it dominates the online gaming industry.

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Learn more about the versatility of cross-platform gaming and the impact it could have.

Cross-Platform Consoles

Cross-play involves the internet and its ability to connect rich experiences from one platform to the next. Other consoles like the Nintendo and Playstation were some of the first multiplayer experiences that revolutionised the video game world.

The gaming industry owes a lot to brands like Nintendo and Sega, who brought first-generation cross-platform play consoles to the world.

The 1998 Sega Dreamcast was one of the first cross-play consoles. It’s not well-known because it didn’t make it to mass production or consumption. It was one of the first consoles to have a built-in modem, which allowed it to run online services.

Its problem wasn’t related to hardware or software glitches so much as to massive competition from Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. In 2000, Sony released the Playstation 2, and that was the beginning of the end for Dreamcast.

Some even speculate that its release failed in part because of its ability to pirate material. It did this with no modifications to the hardware/software. It was a pioneer in its day, and those who played it remember it with a nostalgic twinge.

The Rise of PC Gaming and What It Means

The difference in control schemes between platforms is usually the most challenging part of adapting games to a console. Early systems like the Dreamcast, Playstation and GameCube used buttons and joysticks for controls. However, the rise of PC gaming has created a whole new breed of controllers.

The increased control and precision make all the difference. That’s why the keyboard/mouse combo seems unbeatable in some situations. That’s why developers have created mods to balance the tables.

They added enhancements (a.k.a modifications or just mods) like aim assist to console controllers to bring them up to speed with the mouse and keyboard setup of the PC. Developers worried that those who were playing on controllers would find the competition unfair when PC gamers came to the scene.

The PC also has the added benefit of automatic connectivity. As it’s already set up to connect to the internet, there’s no need for modifications in that realm, which makes it accessible for those who wouldn’t otherwise spend time or money playing. The cross-play model has undoubtedly changed how we game forever.

The future of online gambling is less clear than its happy-go-lucky cousin gaming because of its relatively recent boom. The COVID-19 pandemic has also made it difficult for significant operators to meet and brainstorm the future of their companies.

New Developments in the Cross-Play Arena

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Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will continue to innovate along with corporations like Valve to develop new games and systems. The Nintendo Switch is one example of a cross-play dominated console. Xbox and Nintendo are currently working on merging content but have not yet reached a consensus.

Players anxiously await the release of new games and pass the time between releases exploring new titles and worlds. Gaming is as much a social event now as it is a pastime. With constant connectivity and the spread of new movements, gamers can network and socialize while they search for novel game worlds.

The head of Minecraft, Helen Chiang, believes that cross-play will make us more social. She currently works to support collaborative games and keep Minecraft relevant while developing solutions that will benefit gamers everywhere.

EyeMine is an excellent example of the work she does with organizations to develop cutting-edge technology. This project certainly has a flavor of the futuristic and is exciting for those who dream of an equitable future. Visit the site today to discover what eye-tracking technology can do and what eye control looks like in Minecraft.

The Way Forward

Of course, the future of online gaming isn’t clear yet, but it’s just around the corner. According to large tech companies and game developers, it will involve augmented reality and other advanced technologies similar to those found in the Matrix. The majority of the crowd seems to be focused on what was and on what will be.