How would the world be without technology? No internet, no smartphones, and no computers. Kids would spend more time outdoors. Extroverts would hang out more often while introverts would spend more time reading books.

Oh, wait! People still hang out, just not in the traditional sense. Video game fans flock to Twitch and Steam to play their favorite games. Book fans consume content through their smartphones while introverts are busy engaging with AI software.

Technology has changed our lives so much that some of the most popular hobbies in 2024 involve the use of digital devices. Below are some of them:

Streaming Sports

Today’s sports fans are choosing live streaming over attending stadium games for different reasons. For starters, watching a game on your smartphone is much cheaper than buying game tickets.

Take the NBA as an example. Regular season tickets cost an average of $90 and can be as high as $200. During the playoffs, teams charge as much as $1000. That doesn’t include the cost of driving to the stadium and the costs involved in buying drinks, food, and accommodation.

For comparison, most sports streaming networks charge between $20 and $60 to watch all manner of sports—basketball, football, baseball, golf, hockey, tennis, and soccer.

Beyond costs, streaming helps you save time. There’s no need to leave your house to watch your favorite team play.  In fact, streaming apps give you a great viewing experience, better than what some live fans experience.

Gambling Online

Gone are the days when you had to visit a brick-and-mortar casino to play slot machines, blackjack, and roulette. These days, a smartphone is all you need to play hundreds of casino games.

Online casinos come in different shapes and sizes. Find casinos offering online roulette games if you love roulette. Pick a site with lots of slots if you cherish Mega Moolah, Starburst, Book of Ra, and other slots.

 Select a live casino with bonuses for the best experience. Live casinos connect you with human croupiers and dealers through video streaming technology. You can see and interact with your opponents.

Bonuses add money to your gambling account. If you have $100 to spend, a 100% matched bonus can double your bankroll. Some casinos have many promotions for both new and loyal customers. Choose a site with numerous fair bonuses.

Watching Movies and TV Shows

Movie theaters are a dying industry and judging by the growth of streaming networks, theaters will soon become obsolete. The death of theaters began in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, tickets have dropped by 20%.

Streaming platforms are growing popular now that companies like Netflix spend billions of dollars on quality TV shows and movies. Last year, some of the biggest TV shows were produced by a streaming company:

  • Succession (HBO)
  • Heartstopper (Netflix)
  • The Last of US (HBO)
  • I’m a Virgo (Amazon Prime)
  • Fellow Travelers (Showtime)

The top streaming networks offer comprehensive movie libraries to ensure everyone has access to the content they will love. Take Netflix as an example. It features live comedy shows, horror, fantasy, action, reality, and thriller shows and movies.

Listening to Music

The music industry has evolved tremendously in the past five decades. There was a time when you could only listen to music on the radio or through cassettes and vinyl record players.

As technology evolved, manufacturers created devices that helped people listen to music on the go. Walkman is an excellent example. Then came iPods, DVD players, flash disks, and memory cards.

These days, the majority of people listen to music online thanks to streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Streaming apps feature thousands of songs from famous artists and bands.

The most popular music streaming platforms offer free and premium packages. You can listen to songs without ads for a price. If you don’t want to pay, you have to watch ads in the process.

Content Creation

A significant percentage of Gen Zers say content creation is their favorite way of making money online. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok provide a series of ways to make money online.  

On Instagram, you can post content curated for certain groups and then make money through affiliate marketing. For example, you can sell motivational books if your channel posts motivational videos.

Alternatively, you can create content centered on your interests in life. Maybe you’re a dancer. You can post dancing videos on TikTok and YouTube. Then you could generate an income by selling dancing courses or through ads on YouTube.

You don’t have to be talented to become a content creator. And that’s one of the best parts of this hobby. You just need to post content people love. For example, you can review movies, or comment on social trends. 

AI Content Generation

In this age of content creation, you don’t have to be creative to post amazing content on social media. You can use AI tools to generate incredible art, YouTube scripts, and videos.

AI has advanced so much that you can use it to clone people’s voices and looks. For example, you can create an AI video of your favorite celebrity dancing on stage. Or you can make a physic explainer video starring your favorite rapper.

Some people are afraid Artificial Intelligence will become too powerful for our own good in the future. In the meantime, it is one of the best tools for creating content online.

Playing Video Games

There was a time when you had to visit a friend’s place to play video games together. These days, multiplayer games make it extremely easy to play with friends. 

You don’t need to download the game. Multiplayers work online, meaning all you need is access to the Internet. On platforms like Twitch, you can stream your gaming content to thousands of fans. And you could even play some games with your fans.

Another way technology has changed gaming is through the cloud. This technology allows you to play sophisticated video games even if you use inexpensive gaming devices.