The Steam mobile app is a new-generation solution that lets users download various games online. The app is owned and run by Valve and was launched in 2003. The original purpose for creating the mobile app was to allow the company to provide its Aussie users with automatic game updates, increase its distribution market, and provide third-party casino games.

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Challenges with Steam Mobile App

Unfortunately, the Steam mobile app faced countless challenges that, to some extent, ruined its reputation. Thousands of users went online to air their grievances, and as expected, the negative reviews gained massive traction across the globe.

Some of the main issues were that the application was often unresponsive, buggy, and slow. It would take up to five minutes to load fully, even when it did. The users were bombarded with ambiguous errors that they could barely understand.

The support team saw the negative comments and acted to salvage the situation. They promised users they would resolve the issues, but only a few improvements were made to the app.

The New Steam Mobile App

Most people thought Valve, the company that developed Steam, had ignored the complaints. That wasn’t the case; the company’s app developers were busy working behind the scenes to create a beta Steam mobile app for Android and iOS users.

The developers noted all the complaints received from the Aussie users and started to create a new mobile app that would be user-friendly and more functional than the original one. Reports indicate that the app is ready, and the company is testing it in Australia.

The new Steam mobile app comes as a standalone APK file that you can easily download online and install on your smartphone in seconds. Some of the notable changes in the app are the improved user interface. This new interface allows users to navigate the different pages with ease easily.

More importantly, the interface is responsive and mobile-friendly. Thus, it automatically adapts to different screen sizes. Users get the same experience browsing through the app irrespective of the device and screen size. The buttons are marked so new users can leverage the app without contacting the support team for help.

In a recent interview, one of the Valve representatives said, “We have completely revamped the Steam Mobile app. You will still be able to browse the store, get Steam Guard Codes, and confirm trades – with additions like QR code scanning for PC sign-in, smarter notifications, a new Library view with remote downloads, and customisable tabs.”

Let’s shift gears and look at the key features that make the new Steam mobile app the best tool for downloading mobile games today.

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Ability to Access Multiple Accounts

Though most people are skeptical to accept, the truth is that most users have more than one Steam account. The company is aware of this fact and seems to have no issues with it, as you can now log in to multiple accounts on the same mobile app.

All you have to do is sign out from the previous account and input the login details to your new account. Such improved access to the account gives users more access to mobile casino games while on the go.

Ability to Download Games On PC

Games tailored for mobile allow Aussie users to play via smartphone or any other internet-enabled mobile device. However, your gaming experience on a PC differs from mobile gaming. With the new steam mobile app, you can remotely initiate a Steam game account on your PC from the comfort of your office or while outdoors hanging out with friends.

The download will start immediately so that the casino game will be ready and waiting for you to launch it when you get home. You can download more than one game without being close to your PC. The only requirement is that your computer is connected to a reliable internet connection.

Some of the games that you can download include;

  • PUBG Battlegrounds,
  • War Thurder Fire and Ice,
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2,
  • Earth Defense Force,
  • Team Fortress 2 and many more.


The best gaming mobile apps offer personalised features and the ability to change the settings to one’s liking. The new Steam mobile app is no different. It allows users to customise the app by adjusting the different settings.

For example, you can change how the tabs are displayed at the bottom of the main user interface. You can also decide which page you want to be your homepage for easier and direct access to the casino games.


The new Steam mobile app is available in Australia, and you can download it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The improved usability and quality of the user experience it offers will make it one of the best mobile apps for gaming online. Familiarise yourself with the different settings to take full advantage of the many new features and capabilities.

Since the app is still not fully launched, don’t hesitate to submit complaints to the team to help them fine-tune the app before the official launch. Note that Valve is duly registered to operate in Singapore and licensed by ACMA.

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