You might be surprised at the different gambling options that are available in video games. While not all of them would be classed as traditional gambling, there are some great gambling options available in video games today. We’ve taken a look at the top options that are available to you. 

GTA 5 and Online

GTA 5 and GTA Online is probably the most obvious choice to everyone. It features a fantastic casino experience which can be enjoyed in both the main game and the online game. Here players are able to place bets on a number of different casino games. While there is no real money available to be won here, cash that can improve the in game experience is able to be won. 

It gives a superb immersive experience. It might be a side quest to the actual main part of the game but a lot of effort has gone into this. Rockstar is known for creating realistic, sandbox games. This is shown to an extremely high level with what GTA 5 and GTA Online offers to players. If you want to play a top class casino experience on your console or PC then GTA is one of the very best ways to do it. 

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In Game Loot Boxes

Loot boxes are one of the newest additions to games. It would be unfair to single out just one game as they are available across a whole host of them. Loot boxes are essentially an in-game RNG that players open and are rewarded with something to use in their game. These are basically a mini gambling game that is located within a number of different games. They can be paid for using the in-game currency. This can sometimes be earned through carrying out tasks within the game. It can also be paid for using real currency. This is what provides the gambling aspect for a lot of players. 

Many people feel that loot boxes should be regulated in the same way that actual gambling is regulated. Not only that but a lot of people feel that loot boxes are worse than gambling. Because there isn’t an actual monetary prize on offer with a loot box, just something that can be used within the game, it can lead players to spend a large amount of money without ever getting the prize that they are aiming for. 

It’s expected that loot boxes will be regulated at some point in the future, but not in the same way that online gambling is regulated. It could even lead to the gambling aspect being removed and players just getting to purchase the prize that they want straight up. 

Red Dead Redemption 2

There are two different gambling options included in Red Dead Redemption. The first option is the tried and tested Poker. Just as the original cowboys were able to do, players can visit a saloon and sit down for a few hands of Poker. What Red Dead Redemption 2 does is add a little twist to proceedings. Players have the ability to cheat when they’re playing if they like. Of course, this does have some risks in place. If you’re caught then things could take a turn sideways. By the same token if you get away with it then you can walk away with the entire pot that you didn’t truly deserve. It’s plenty of fun and gives a pretty authentic classic hold’ em experience.

There’s also a dice game included called Liar’s Dice. It’s not as well crafted as the Poker, it’s obvious that the developers spent most of their time on the Poker aspect of Red Dead Redemption 2. This doesn’t mean that Liar’s Dice isn’t fun though. It has some really interesting options and gives players the chance to gamble in a slightly different way. 

Just like GTA the gambling here isn’t for real money, just for in game currency. It can help you to move forwards in the game though, especially if you win a big pot at the Poker table. 

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Fallout: New Vegas

This is the oldest game on this list by a long way. However, it’s also probably the most fun. Even though there have been technologically superior games in the Fallout series since this once, this was arguably the last Fallout game to truly keep the spirit of the original titles. 

The casinos in New Vegas allow players to easily enjoy classic casino games. While the games in New Vegas aren’t quite as fair as at a real casino, you can still have a lot of fun and win big if you get lucky. The slots are nice and simple and they really provide a fun mini game away from the hustle and bustle of the main game. The other casino games are also a lot of fun, but they can sometimes lead to a shootout, which is also a lot of fun too!