Rumor: Metal Gear Rising for PS Vita?

18 March, 2013 2

This is quite unexpected and may be just a glitch, but a trophy list appears when you look up Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on a PS Vita system. See the picture below. MGR: Revengeance was, […]

Rumor: PS Vita 3G could be discontinued

12 March, 2013 1

PS Vita is not having great sales figures. In fact, they are quite discrete. At February 28th Japanese consumers saw a price cut that caused a boost in Japanese sales of Sony’s newest handheld. That price cut also had a side effect: […]

Rumor: new PSVita 4G model arriving?

12 February, 2013 2

Perhaps we are not only going to see  news about Orbis/PS4 at Sony’s event late this month. We were told to “see the future” at February by Sony, that could involve both PS4-Orbis… and Vita […]

Take a look at the PS Vita promo games

7 June, 2012 0

When you have to work with videogames, the companies use to send you promo games buy levitra online without prescription . A promo is a promotional copy for the videogame (obvious). If we speak about […]

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