GTA Online: Content Creator details and videos leaked

Grand Theft Auto Online: Content Creator was said to be released along with GTA Online mode but, unfortunately, the mode is still forthcoming.

However, the same YouTube user that hinted some gameplay updates like Casinos, Pink Slip Races and Spying, tweaked some game’s files and has been able to get at the Content Creator. The user has posted some videos showing it.

GTA Online _ Content Creator-post

The version he’s playing around with is a different file size from the updated version, so the official Count Creator, when launched, could be slightly different and include more options.

Create a Deathmatch, Create a Race or Add Checkpoints are some of the options we can see while watching the videos.

Here you have a more detailed list and the videos. Take a look at them.

  • Deathmatch Details
  • Race Details
    • Title
    • Description
    • Photo
    • Search Tags
    • Maximum Players
    • Race Type
    • Route Type
    • Number of Laps
    • Starting Grid Size
    • Available Vehicles
    • Default Class
    • Time of Day
    • Traffic
    • Wanted Levels
    • Radio
  • Creator
    • Place Trigger
      • Place Trigger Location
    • Lobby Camera
      • Place
      • Preview
    • Checkpoints
      • Add Checkpoint
      • Cycle Between Checkpoints
    • Spawn Points
      • Add Spawn Points
      • Cycle Items
    • Weapons
      • Type
      • Cycle Items
    • Vehicles
      • Category
      • Type
      • Color
      • Cycle Items
    • Props
      • Category
      • Type
      • Cycle Items
    • Stunt Jumps
      • Place
    • Randomize
      • Radius
      • Spawn Points Weapons
    • Toggle Radar
    • Delete Options
  • Radio
  • Test
  • Save
  • Publish
  • Exit


GTA Online - Content Creator

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    Fuck this guy… He really just put me off using it now…