Rumor: PGR5 to be announced on 21 May.


Lucid Games is a British video game development studio formed from industry professionals and the former Bizarre Creations senior management team that managed and developed the Project Gotham Racing games.

On its Facebook page we can read this:

So yeah, Mid-May will be interesting for the studio. We have some exciting updates coming. Stay tuned!

Project Gotham Racing 4 Rumor: PGR5 to be announced on 21 May. | VGLeaks 2.0

Next Xbox/Durango presentation is scheduled for 21 May, so this “mid-may” tease from Lucid Games could perfectly be related  to Microsoft’s event.

Remember, Microsoft owns the PGR intellectual property (IP). We talked some time ago about the possibility of this announcement happening.

  • George Lolas

    I hope its true, PGR is one of my favourite series!

  • Haralson

    PGR4 was fun. I’ll probably buy an xbox down the road for this game.

  • Zybra

    Drive club owned. 🙂

    • zybraisacock

      Ha ha! You’ve got an unproven developer on weaker hardware and Drive Club is supposed to be owned. I’ve seen the screen grab on Lucid’s site and it doesn’t look all that.

      • Ben A

        i will granutee that mate drive club will look shit compared to pgr 5. so shut up fuck off we don’t need fanboys here. you haven’t seen pgr 5 yet. fool

        • zybraisacock

          On a severely gimped GPU with weaker compute capabilities, dream on. And neither have you seen PGR5 yet so how can you guarantee it will look better. The screengrab on lucid’s site seems to have very basic lighting marginally better than last gen at higher resolution. And don’t tell me to fuck off boy, you couldn’t handle me.

          • Maynard_VGL

            Ok, everybody stop with that.

        • zybraisacock

          Forza 5 = CRAP! Not laughing now are you?

      • 2wisted

        Lucid is formed from ex-Bizarre employees, the people that made the rest of the PGR games. As well as the fact I heard Turn 10 are also chipping in, it was actually rumoured they were handling the project altogether, more likely they’ve helped Lucid out.

        I like how you say that we can’t guarantee PGR5 will look good, yet you supposedly know all the specs for the Nextbox before it’s been announced. Brilliant.

        • zybraisacock

          Yeah well the specs that were published on this site were very accurate and Forza looked poor! BTW there aren’t even 40 people in the whole company at Lucid so don’t expect anything great. Good luck with your new set-top box!

  • Nirvi

    Fanboys and their preferred piece of plastic lol. Stupid sheep.

  • I would rather see PGR game play mechanics added to the Forza series. Maybe add an arcade mode that dumbs down the physics, throw in some cones and you’re golden.

  • dejan

    still play pgr3 with my buddies since 2005. one of the best online car collision physics in any game. great to play cat and mouse and Last man standing. Hopefully its more sim like pgr3 then the arcade crap pgr4 was….

  • ewan

    gta 5 is better 😀