Sunset Overdrive could be released on PC

27 October, 2014 4

Sunset Overdrive is a punk sandbox action game produced by Insomniac Games exclusively for Xbox One. The word “exclusively” could tend to change in the near future, because of the title could be available on […]

Sunset Overdrive gameplay leaked (Solo & Multi)

11 October, 2014 0

Insomniac Games has created a relay game with Sunset Overdrive after the infamous FUSE. This new IP looks like an interference between Jet Set Radio/Infamous set in a chaotic vibe. Today, two new gameplay videos […]

Bad Dinos trademarked by Insomniac Games

19 August, 2013 0

On the 29th of July Insomniac Games filed a trademark for something called “Bad Dinos”. We don’t have much information about this, only that  the “Bad Dinos” trademark  is classified for online video games and […]