Orbis Dualshock layout

14 February, 2013 8

Destructoid have dropped the bomb. They have closed the rumors with the first picture for the Orbis’s gamepad. That’s not going to be the final look, it’s a prototype. We would like to add further […]

Opinion: What titles could we expect on Orbis?

8 February, 2013 4

Sony are sending emails, arranging meetings with press websites and all with only one purpose: February 20. The company could have set a deadline for Orbis. They are calling a lot of doors; therefore they […]

ORBIS Devkits Roadmap/Types

24 January, 2013 0

Sony and Microsoft have had a lot of work with Orbis and Durango. Create a new hardware it’s a long running process, you have to build different versions of hardware and make changes along the […]