This is the third year in a row where DR Gaming Technology is participating at G2E Asia. The company’s Chief Executive Office and co-founder, Jurgen De Munch is discussing the company’s showing at G2E Asia 2019.

Latest Game Systems

DR Gaming Technology systems installations can be found in casinos from Laos, Vietnam, The Philippines and others. The most recent casino system installation was the 150 Machine project at Grandz VIP Club in Caloocan, Manila. The installation was done in february 2019 in association with Asian partners from RGB International. In short, the 150 Machine project is comprised with a casino management system, which includes the world-leading 8.8” drScreenUltra that is like a leaderboard for players.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Africa as well as Mexico, the Blackjack11 tables, continues to perform extremely good. Jurgen De Munch believes that this performance will spread in Asia soon, along with the latest game system, the Poker21’s.

One of the game systems from DR Gaming Technology, Blackjack11 is a simple, fast and easy to learn game. Currently the game is popular in Africa, followed by Mexico. In addition, Poker21’s is the follow-up of Blackjack11. It was launched in February in London, and the support of this game was also strong in the region. DR Gaming Technology believes that these two game systems will serve well for the Asian market.

The Plans for Asia

Recently, DR Gaming Technology increased its presence in Latin America, by adding new offices in Mexico and Columbia. In 2018, the company expanded in Peru, Uruguay and Paraguay. The offices in Africa were established through a mutual partnership with a local partner, Grand Parade Investments.

The company thinks that with the right partners and the right commitment, DRGT is able to provide operators with world-class installation support and service support. They believe that they can build a similar story for Asia too, with the assistance of RGB International.

Asia it is a new place for DR Gaming Technology. Like stated above, this will be a third participation at G2E Asia. The East has become a steady, important opportunity for DRGT.

Asia’s driving gaming business are the table games. The community from Asia is into technology, virtual places such as online casinos, and always to be connected to a mobile platform. So they have high expectations of innovative technology when a tech presentation show is around the corner.

Luckily, DRGT is well-known for its Tables Management Systems, they believe it will be the key piece required for G2E Asia show. The technology drew increased interest at both G2E Las Vegas from 2018, as well as at ICE London in February 2019. Jurgen De Munch is pretty sure that the tech will have positive reviews in Macau, at the show.

Last Words

DRGT is all about the player, the player is driving their development and they don’t see that to ever change, it’s in their motto. Jurgen had read a study done by Microsoft, where it showed that 54% of players will increase their expectations for customer service and support. This didn’t surprised Jurgen at all. He remains sure that this fact is across all business sectors.

Companies that survive in this environment are the companies that not only it will manage those expectations, but even drive them towards a new technological advancement or new developments.