Far Cry 4 represents in one portion the ills of this industry, at least part of the policies implemented by the companies during the past years. We have got AAA productions crawled with DLCs. This time around it won’t be different.

GameStop could have unveiled the Season Pass for Far Cry 4. This Pass would include all the DLC released as a complement for Far Cry 4 and it could cost $29.99.

Far Cry 4 season pass 600x377 Far Cry 4 Season Pass outed by GameStop | VGLeaks 2.0

We haven’t see yet any gameplay for Far Cry 4 and we already got information upon the Season Pass. Priceless.

Henceforth GameStop had published this info, they have already removed any trace of it. Click here to behold that memorable moment for yourselves.

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