Capcom have cancelled various RE games. Do you remember the RE1 for GameBoy Color? In those years, the game looked awesome, but extreme for the GameBoy Color hardware. It wasn’t the only one; the company started the RE1 sequel with Kamiya seated in the director chair. This first RE2 was canned when the development stage was nearly an 80%.

RE 1.5 start1 600x480 Resident Evil 1.5 leaked | VGLeaks 2.0

Capcom started the work from the beginning, although they used some foes, scenarios and part of the gameplay mechanics from RE 1.5 (with subsequent changes).

The game has been released in these days. This version is plenty of bugs, you can call it buggyland, but don’t worry. There are a group of people working in the game, their goal is complete the game and make it playable.

RE 1.5 1 600x450 Resident Evil 1.5 leaked | VGLeaks 2.0

Do you want to play the game? Follow these steps.


    • 1. Download the game. Link.
    • 2. Download ePSXe, an PSX emulator to run the game. Link.
    • 3. Download the PSX Bios. Search scph1001.bin on Google and get the file. Cut/Copy the file and paste it inside the ePSXe Bios folder.
    • 4. Load the game on ePSXe. Play.
    • 5. Try to enjoy it.

I highly recommend configuring a pad for the emulator.

RE 1.51 600x478 Resident Evil 1.5 leaked | VGLeaks 2.0

This version is a completely mess, it’s not full playable of course, but we are grateful for this leak. I have been waiting for this game long time and now, we can play it. That’s crazy. Maybe the game is better than RE6…(I mean with this uncompleted version). Just kidding.

RE 1.5 21 600x480 Resident Evil 1.5 leaked | VGLeaks 2.0

Thanks, The Horror.