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Sony believes in the subscription model that offers a collection of games, but the company is not going to include the AAA games produced by PlayStation Studios on day one as Microsoft does with Game Pass. A new service is on the way, a more ambitious one to take on Xbox Game Pass.

Sony is going to introduce a new service in spring according to Jason S. The service known internally as Spartacus would blend PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. Jason has received information from people familiar with the project. Further, he has reviewed internal documents from Spartacus (a great movie and a great TV series).

In bullet points:

  • Spartacus would merge the two existing subscription plans: PS Now and PS Plus.
  • Sony plans to retain PlayStation Plus and make some distance with PlayStation Now.
  • Service with three tiers: First option, PlayStation Plus benefits. The second option, large catalog of PlayStation 4 and eventually, PlayStation 5 games. The third option, game streaming, demos, and a catalog of classic games of PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP.

Sony is putting resources into this new service. We will see in some months.

Thanks, Bloomberg.