Photo by Martin Katler on Unsplash

Since its launch in November of 2020, over 46.6 million PS5s have been sold. Gamers can enjoy playing hundreds of titles on the console with new games being released regularly. But what genre is the best to play on a PS5? Of course, much of this will come down to personal preference with consumers having a wide variety of genre categories to choose from.

RPGs (role-playing games) are a very popular format where the player takes control of a character in a fictional setting. A lot of RPGs are set in sci-fi or fantasy environments, but this is not a strict rule.

Some games may carry characteristics of multiple genres and appeal to a broader market. Some of the top RPG games available for the PS5 include Hogwarts Legacy which allows players to enter the magical world of Harry Potter, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which is inspired by the Witcher books and TV series, and Baldur’s Gate 3 which is an offshoot of the popular Dungeons and Dragons franchise.

Casino games are a great option for people who enjoy slots or casino games but without the risk. The Four Kings Casino and Slots, High Rollers Casino, and Prominence Poker are just some options available on the PS5. Playing casino titles on the PS5 can also be a great way for people to practice for the real thing. The U.S. has strict age limits for online casinos, and online betting is even prohibited in some states. However, there are licensed offshore betting operators that provide a great alternative with some accepting cryptocurrencies and others that accept Mastercard, Visa, and other major cards if you want to play for money after trying a video game version first. 

Shooter games are typically more straightforward, but they can offer excellent gameplay as well as team-driven online modes. Games like Call of Duty, Doom Eternal, and Deathloop offer great solo or multiplayer options depending on the gamer’s preference.

Sports games are another popular genre for competitive gamers, streamers, and those who just enjoy playing in the privacy of their own home. Soccer fans around the world have the opportunity to play games against each other on FIFA or manage their favorite teams on Football Manager 23. Other games including PGA Tour 2K23 cater to golf fans while baseball fans can enjoy MLB The Show 23. NBA 2K23, Madden 23, and WWE 2K23 are also available on the PS5, providing consumers with an excellent choice, no matter what sport they prefer.

Racing and driving games are always popular with additional hardware available to provide a more immersive experience. Players can choose between realistic motorsports simulations like F1 22 and Gran Turismo 7, or enjoy something a bit more fun like kart-style racing games that include the most popular cartoon characters from film and TV. 

Fighting games have always been popular on gams consoles with Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat being two of the most successful titles. Other games like WWE 2K23, UFC5, and Creed: Rise to Glory blur the lines between sports and fighting genres for an incredible experience.