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Nintendo holds exclusive publishing rights to some of the most popular video game franchises ever made. But what makes their franchises so beloved worldwide? Could it be their family-friendly content, or is it the gameplay they provide?

The answer is a bit of a combination of the two. Whether it’s old-school video games or the latest releases, Nintendo franchises offer a fun gameplay loop for players of all ages. Such widespread accessibility has proven to be Nintendo’s greatest strength. 

In order to provide proof of that observation, let’s take a look at four primary factors that have led to Nintendo becoming one of the most influential video game companies of all time.


If you’ve been browsing digital storefronts like Steam and the Playstation Store, you may have noticed that saturation has become a serious issue for many gamers. There are more games available now than ever before, but many of them share far too many characteristics with each other.

What makes Nintendo games special is that they ignore all of the popular gaming industry trends. The company steers clear from any age-restricted themes, which is something most video game companies would never dream of doing.

Nintendo’s steadfast resolution to make ‘innocent’ games has given the company a creative drive like no other, and their franchises are clear proof of this fact. Whether it’s Mario, Donkey Kong, or Link, every one of their characters is a prime example of creative design that appeals to all ages. 

One thing all Nintendo franchises share is the ability to delight gamers, but that ability requires more than just cute mascots and catchy slogans. They are excellent from a technical standpoint as well, with challenging yet rewarding gameplay mechanics.

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From the death of arcades and the rise of home consoles to the advent of mobile gaming’s dominance, Nintendo has been around for some of the most significant evolutions of the gaming industry. In fact, if it wasn’t for Nintendo, you could argue that gaming would never have advanced as rapidly as it has.

The franchise survived the gaming crash of the early ‘80s. It was the first company to introduce home consoles to the public, the first to offer force feedback controls, and the first to introduce motion control on a console platform. The point we’re trying to make is; that Nintendo has been a pioneer in the video games industry for decades.

When other companies fail to innovate, they have always been there to set the proverbial bar. The video games industry is well-known for its ability to crush even the most ambitious development studios, but this iconic company has managed to not only withstand but overcome every challenge thrown its way.

Most importantly, the company isn’t afraid of failure, choosing to innovate regardless of whether or not the odds of success are favorable. For example, the Nintendo Labo was a toys-to-life concept that didn’t do too well in terms of sales. However, it proved the company’s willingness to embrace new technologies, a trend that has been of great benefit to them throughout history.


At this point, you may have noticed that Nintendo has been a fundamental pillar of the video games industry for quite a while now. Their franchises have captivated gamers with every new release, transporting players to virtual worlds filled with positive messages and uplifting experiences.

At the end of the day, gaming should be about fun, and no one knows that lesson better than Nintendo. Every one of the games they released is free of the themes that other games rely on, such as violence, harsh language, and other adult-centric themes. 

Every game can be played with all ages, friends, strangers, or any other demographic. Considering the predominant themes of other video games, that’s a rare trait to have. Nintendo has carved out a significant chunk of the gaming market; a segment that has allowed it to flourish far longer than any other video game company.

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Did you know that Nintendo is over 100 years old? It was founded way back in 1889, making it the oldest video game company in history. It started out as a producer of handmade playing cards, but the company pivoted to console and video game production in the late ‘70s.

In 1981, the first Donkey Kong was released, which brought the company worldwide recognition. They followed that up with the release of Super Mario Bros and the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985. From that point on, the company had a firm foothold at the forefront of the gaming industry.

Nintendo would go on to create multiple successful consoles, such as the Game Boy, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the Wii, and most recently, the Switch. Their games library also grew rapidly, with multiple franchises receiving both critical and commercial acclaim.

In an age of shooters and battle royales, they have made a name for themselves as a video game company that stands out from the crowd, making unique games for bespoke consoles. The company has had one simple strategy for designing games; to focus on making them fun for all ages. Evidently, it’s a philosophy that has served them incredibly well over the years.