PS4 presentation: Confirmed leaks and what can we expect for E3 2013 (Update: hardware section)


Sony presented its new machine, Playstation 4. We couldn’t see the console and we will have to wait until the next event to unveil that secret (final design wasn’t ready). Sony must divide their products to compete with Microsoft. Therefore, Could have Sony more unannounced games for PS4? Yes.

Presentation summary

First of all, I would like to dedicate some sentences to the PS4 specifications presented by Sony. In our Playstation 4 (Orbis) leak, we had written: RAM 4GB GDRR5. Sony has updated and improved these numbers. Developers were working with 4GB not 8GB, the devkit had 4GB. You could think that our documents (SDK) were old, but all our info about PS4 had less than one month and half. Speaking about the other specs (GPU, DCE), we were right (If I not mistake).

This upgrade has been a surprise for developers. Sony must have changed these specs between the second week of January and the second one of February. The Japanese brand didn’t report this upgrade to other developers, not all. This change has an implicit issue: The first wave of games haven’t been designed with the 8GB in mind.

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They will be able to integrate the new quantity, nevertheless they are not going to be in time to redesign the tech part to take advantage of this extra 4GB. The real next-games will come in the second wave. Digital Foundry has written an article about this topic; please take your time to read it.

I am so pleased with the share functions on PS4, it seems really well integrated with the OS/Games interface. Our PS4 pad layout leak was right too. What do you think about this new DualShock? Would you suggest any changes?


We have published reports about different sections of the PS4’s hardware. I would like to update this article with all those works. Sony has manufactured a powerful machine and this time the architecture will allow developing without bottlenecks and other issues originate for the machine’s design.

PS4 hardware details: this article is a sum up of the system (hardware). Sony made only one modification; they changed the RAM amount one week before the PS4’s presentation. The retail model will have 8GB of RAM.

PS4 architecture: Evolution over the time. Everything has a beginning, PS4 had its one.

Playstation 4 (Orbis) GPU – compute, queues and pipelines.

DisplayScanOut Engine (DCE): a custom display and scanout block inside the GPU, PS4 secret sauce. Xbox One (Durango) has Move Engines and PS4 this system.

Dualshock 4 layout: new redesign keeping the spirit.

Orbis Dual Camera: PS eye in the firsts stages.

PS4 devkits roadmap: Design a new hardware is a hard task, this work uses to take years until you will be able to finish it. Sony worked in three different devkit for PS4, during that time, called Orbis.

Price & Retail launch

Price: Rumors estimated a price around 350€-400€. Less would be perfect, although 400€ seems reasonable.

Retail launch: Last months of 2013, perhaps October. Sony could distribute PS4 this year in Europe.

Distribution units: Droughts coming to PS4.


Sony has got more bullets in the magazine. The company prepares more games for E3 2013. What ones?


  • Uncharted 4. Boat and storm.
  • Square-Enix. FF only for PS4. We are not sure about this game, Square could show the game in TGS.
  • The Last Guardian: PS4 development. Wait for more footage this E3, maybe the next TGS.
  • Gran Turismo 6. In works in an early stage. I guess they are still not going to show the game this year. They have DriveClub and they must promote it.


  • Ishin

    Great article as always Mr.X. Makes you wonder how that capcom game will look like with all that 8gb ddr5 memory, holy mother of…

  • XDR fail

    So, it’s GDDR5. This means…………… Rambus is going bankrupt!

  • xXx

    vgleaks, where is the article for Durango CPU? I want to read about it.

    • MrX_VGL

      Hello xXx,

      We would try to publish an article about your reply soon. We are working on other leaks now.

      Thanks a lot.

  • xyz

    I would think they would show GT Vita and let DriveClub shine during launch. In 2014 release GT6P and in 2015 release GT6.

  • Ryan

    8GB of GDDR5 big mistake by Sony. It looks like they just wanted to up it for the sake of competing with Durango. The implications of implementing this is not easy, besides cost and availability. 4GB of GDDR4 would have been sufficient or even split memory 4GB GDDR5 for GPU and 2GB – 4GB DDR3 for system.

  • PSUnite

    First of all thank you for revealing all these informations about the PS4/Next Xbox specs.

    I have a question and i think you may now more things about it.Is the new Final Fantasy that was teased at the Playstation Metting PS4 exclusive?Because it wasnt cleared up in the conferance neither in the intervies after.Most people believe that it is multiplatform.I am little confused abou what you said for the TGS revealing.SE said that it will be shown for E3.Do you think they will not have something to show because the game is early in development?

    • MrX_VGL

      We can’t speak freely about this new Final Fantasy. I can’t reveal the development stage. Square should show the game soon (E3 2013), but there is a possibility to see the game in Tokyo (the most likely E3 2013). This FF will be exclusive on PS4 and there is a reason for that, believe me.

      Square could be developing some multiplatform FF, but one will be exclusive on PS4.

  • intruder

    facts of the matter

    wiiu gpu 35mb fast memory on board the gpu edram/sram

    ps4 gpu 512k catch lol total catch buffer memory ps4 processors 4.5mb

    total catch buffer sram/edram wiiu 38mb clearly 8.5 x ps4 3mb edram to cpu 32mb edram to gpu additional 2mb edram and 1mb sram thats a huge amount of high bandwidth high speed optermized catch memory

    the 8gig ram is MARKETING NONSENCE a vidogame device streams in data huge main rams are for computers edram and sram is expensive ddr5 is CHEAP so you be the judge

    wiiu has so much more custom and efficent optermizations ps4 is of the shelp tablet parts

    wiiu has a cpu core with 2mb edram high bandwidth catch to its self plus 2 more with 512k it seems far more balanced than ps4 much lower heat and watts draw but on par in game POWER the gamepad destroys dualshock 4 and wii remote plus and nunchuck destoy move

    and wiiu is a dual screened device ps4 is a fail

  • intruder…

    move 300 degrees motion per second laggy cameras and poor calibrstion issues

    wii remote plus 1600 degrees motion per second no lag no issues and a floorless pointer mouse

    dualshock4 lol vs gamepad high speed lag free dual screen gaming and motion

    pro pad classic pad gamepad wii remote -plus nunchuck VS dualshock 4 and laggy cameras LOL sony has failed…

  • XYZ

    thank you for the infomation :). I have a question. According to some interviews,Gran Turismo 6 is developed for PS3. So, what about PS4, may be cross-gen, right?

  • Macks

    But if The Vita Shows to be the New Gamepad for PS4. You’ll feel silly wont you.

  • captainbuck

    Nope, it’s 8GB GDDR5 through and through, the AMD Jaguar Cores have their own caches built into them and shared, has nothing to do with the System Memory. Latest rumor is that 1GB maybe is reserved for OS/System/Share/DVR functionality. Still, 7GB would be perfectly fine, especially since those social things are transparent and programmer doesn’t need to worry about them. Same net result, maybe more efficient that way.

  • captainbuck

    Both of these systems will be fascinating. NEVER BEFORE has Home Gaming faced EXTINCTION before. I’m totally enthused over SONY’s response. Now to see MS response. I’m also waiting to see Intel’s home TV hub machine.

  • FAN

    The funny thing about that RAM debate is that ppl are comparing apples and oranges. There is more to ESRAM and DDR3 and GDDR5 than just jumping right into statements such as 102 GB/s + 68 GB/s ~ 176 GB/s.

    LoL at ppl comparing Wii U!!

    Fact is, some x years ahead in time, a new gen of consoles will be probably hitting the TB/s bandwidth mark.