Japanese roles games or JRPG are known for the perfect integration of tailored mechanics and diverse minigames inside the game. Pieces of entertainment scattered along the development that act as gears to moderate and diversify the pace. Final Fantasy has some of the best minigames in role field. How to forget the squat game in Final Fantasy VII or Blitzball in Final Fantasy X, the epitome of these additions. 

Japan has always showed a special sagacity to connect games of luck in their role productions. If we speak about minigames and gambling, Square Enix are far away from the rest of developers in terms of integration and style. 

Dragon Quest X, the always-connected proposal 

The tenth iteration of Dragon Quest broke with the rest of developments by offering a different approach to the role world. In this case, Enix produced an MMORPG similar to Final Fantasy XI or XIV. The first contact could be done offline, but after some hours, the player has to connect to the online vast world implemented. 

Dragon Quest X was constantly updated to improve mechanics, balance elements and fix minor playable aspects. The Maiden of Thorns and the God of Destruction, the last expansion, was launched on 24 October for PS4 and Switch in Japan, but the most important one was the Rakkaran that included online gambling with other players and PVE options. In Rakkaran there are video poker stations, slot machines and the hide jewel, the Casino Raid. Games could be enjoy with more players (up to eight); even some minigames include combat with monsters. 

DragonQuestX 9 ds1 1340x1340 Hunt for luck in Square Enix titles  | VGLeaks 2.0

Final Fantasy, the concurrent element in the series 

Final Fantasy cannot be understand without gambling. Gambling is a frequent element in the series. Some of the most iconic moments in Final Fantasy take place in gambling environments. I would like to stress out some iconic places in the Square beloved franchise. 

Triple Triad is probably one of the most important minigames included in Final Fantasy. A complex card game perfectly balanced and expanded along the whole development. The Moogle Chocobo Carnival from Final Fantasy XV was the correct place for gamblers. Final Fantasy X-2 was an extravagant game with exaggerate mechanics. A different iteration that includes two places instead of one to win some credits. Not a place, but directly interwoven with gambling, Wakka from Final Fantasy X uses slots in his Overdrive. 

In a separate paragraph, The Golden Saucer is without a doubt the most iconic gambling localization in any Square Enix game ever. The Golden Saucer is going to bright again in Final Fantasy VII Remake. 

Square Enix has some of the best JRPG and maybe the best gambling minigames in the industry. The secret is the integration of these elements inside the story.